Hello everyone,


The month was a nice one. The best thing is that we finish pretty well with the last bet for A.Pavlasek. Like some of the players we make smooth transaction from the grass to hard courts, but still keep enough focus on the events on the clay. We keep our strategy and the result was obvious. Last year July was break even and after the variation got the better of us. This time I am fully motivated to avoid such scenario. In the same time I do not think that the amount of tips should be fewer. The Olympic games could completely mess up the season foe some players and I think we could take nice value from it. The US open series already started and it will be wise to take closer look into them to get vital information prior the last Grand Slam. I think August could be very exiting! Thank you to all that stick with me! I wish you to all to be live and healthy!


Best regards: