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    Hello all the new season in the NFL is almost here and I will write a few words for the teams. This preview will contain only information and my own thoughts and not be tied to large projections as the winner of the Super Bowl, etc. This year I will try to do a preview on divisions.

    AFC East
    Buffalo Bills, this will be the second season under the guidance of Rex Ryan. Last season was relatively successful when good news is that Buffalo found their future quarterback Tyrod Taylor with whom they have signed long-term contract before the start of this season. However, problems can come to the defense after the team parted with several key players and the best in this defense, Marccel Dareus will face a four-game suspension due to his second violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

    New York Jets, Many problems with finding a future quarterback and I'm sure that this will have a negative impact in the key games. RB Matt Forte is key addition on offence but again nothing will happen with the QB they have now in my opinion. In defense things look good and considering the skills of Jets coach we can expect that a good part of this team will be the defense.

    New England Patriots, QB Tom Brady will miss the first 4 games of the season and Jimmy Garoppolo will be the starter. I expect tough start for Patriots because of this change in QB situation. LB Chandler Jones the best player on Patriots defense was sold to Arizona and this will make big gap on this defense in my opinion.

    Miami Dolphins, Adam Gates is the new coach in Miami from this season and the expectations on Miami fans are again big. Here I think that the defense is the better part of the team and if Gates manages to improve the attack I think Miami can hell be a tough rival for any team in the league

    AFC North
    Baltimore Ravens, Last season everything went wrong in Baltimore, a series of injuries to key players in attack and defense blurred the meaning of the season. This season all return plus a few good signings think that Baltimore can return to the playoffs.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - legitimate SB contender I read this in many places and if I have to be honest if this team does not have injuries they can reach very deep into games in January.

    Cleveland Browns - new coach Hue Jackson who did an amazing job as offensive coordinator in Cincinnati and new (old) quarterback Robert Griffin 3 and returning from penalty (week 5) WE Josh Gordon Cleveland have very high ambitions before the start of the season. To be honest I have no idea whether this project will work but in pre-season we saw large flashes.

    Cincinnati Bengals - The problem in Cincinnati for years is just one when they see their first win in the playoffs every year they drop out in the first round if this happens and this year I think the team will have a new coach next season.

    AFC South

    Tennessee Titans - Tennessee hit the jackpot in the draft and I think that in coming years it will be very positive for them. The team is very young with very, very great talent expect the attack to be at least in the top 10 in the league this season, as a weak post I think the coach.

    Jacksonville Jaguars - Another team that is very young and probably has more talent especially in defense. A few seasons ago everyone knew that Jacksonville will win 2-3 games now the question is whether they are really legitimate participant in the playoffs and my answer is that only time will tell.

    Indianapolis Colts - The most highly-paid quarterback in the league is now Andrew Luck Indianapolis gave lots of money to the most promising young player in the league at his position. On the other hand the defense team is terrible to think that we can expect many overs this season.

    Houston Texans - Texas gave an awful lot of money QB Brock Osweiler which I believe has only eight starts in his career. Again in the style of this division we have many young and talented team on both sides. I hope that this gamble with quarterback will not cost heads at the end of the season for Houston.

    AFC West

    Denver Broncos - The champions will have a very difficult task if they are to defend their title Peyton Manning is gone and in its place we have a player second year to be a starter and a reserve is rookie. The defense split with 2-3 key players in order to cover the amount of space the new contract Von Miller. I would be very surprised if Denver achieve something important this season.

    San Diego Chargers - Maybe last season San Diego before being moved to Los Angeles. As every year the team has talent but I think the maximum that can be achieved is to participate in the playoffs.

    Oakland Raiders - Stable quarterback talent in attack and defense and a very experienced coach almost certainly means that Oakland will struggle to participate in the playoffs this season. If they do we can see them for many years there.
    Kansas City Chiefs - The most unpredictable team in this division that is capable of wins and losses of each and every team in the league. Hardly this year will be different.

    NFC East
    Dallas Cowboys - Many problems with injuries last season ruined season of Dallas. This season Tony Romo was injured still in pre-season and the team will be led by two rookies in attack. Defense I think is just terrible and I do not expect much from Dallas this season.

    Washington Redskins - Another team that is pretty big enigma for me. In recent years, Washington surprised me many times so they are likely to be team matches which will represent a great interest for me.

    Philadelphia Eagles - Speaking of surprises Philadelphia did so much before the start of this season that I confess I begin to doubt whether they know exactly what they do. New coach, rookie quarterback and a lot of uncertainty in the team that they are in the new season.

    New York Giants - Here again we have a new coach for the first time in many years and we'll see whether the failure in this team will not part with many of its key players. I think they managed to improve still his defense.

    NFC North

    Chicago Bears - I would be deeply surprised if Chicago failed to reach the playoffs this season. The team split with his best player in attack and this can not but have a negative impact. The defense also think it below the level for NFL.

    Minnesota Vikings - Last week Minnesota suffered a serious blow after their future quarterback was injured and missed the entire season. After a quick reaction they managed to take Sam to Bradford of Philadelphia and the team's fans can rest assured, however. I'm not the biggest fan to Bradford. The defense is at a good level and think it we can safely expect from them playoffs.

    Green Bay Packers - As every year, the biggest favorite to win the division. Jordy Nelson is back after missing the entire past season and it's good for the team's attack. I think defense is the weaker part, but if quarterback Aaron Rodgers return to MVP form see Green Bay deep in the January games.

    Detroit Lions - To be honest I have to say that I can not believe what happened in Detroit. Their best player Calvin Johnson is retiring and leaving it incredibly big hole in attack. There were minor attempts to fill this hole but that will not happen. The defense is far from top level so probably fans of Detroit will have the most pleasant season.

    NFC South
    Atlanta Falcons - After a flying start of last season Atlanta crashed. The attack team is very dynamic, but defense is the main problem. During the rest were taken some measures but do not expect top protection against Atlanta this season. Their participation in the playoffs is seriously under a question.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Young and hungry team so I would describe Tampa. Assault with great potential and quite robust defense I think this season we see them in the playoffs.

    New Orleans Saints - They may have the guru on attack for coach, but until they find a guru to fix their horrible defense do not think that will Widmann New Orlenas in playoffs.

    Carolina Panthers - The champions of the last two years the division would hardly put the title this season. Very dynamic attack which is expected to be stronger this season combined with an incredible defense is a recipe for repeated participation of Super Bowl.

    NFC West
    Los Angeles Rams - After 38 years Rams returned to Los Angeles. The team chose Jared Goff at No. 1 in the draft but it so far quarterback does not show why they trusted him, yet there is still plenty of time to prove. The defense led by Aaron Donald is impressive.

    Seattle Seahawks - Another early favorite for the Super Bowl Marshon Lynch retired and will see how it will cope with this challenge team. The defense again promises to be a level which in recent years means participating in a more than one game in January.

    San Francisco 49ers - New coach Chip Kelly, who has pretty good stats in the NFL so far. Lack of future quarterback is the biggest problem the team. 49ers fans can expect another challenging season.

    Another legitimate Super Bowl favorite. Very fast and dynamic attack which promises to be such and in this season and I think the top 3 defense in the league. Do not forget one of the best coaches in the league that guarantees the very best emotions in the team of Arizona this season.

  • December
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    December was a successful month for us and most importantly that ended with a profit. By the end of the season remain some very interesting games let us enjoy them and after the end of the season will do a big review of the past year in the NFL. Last but not least thanks to all my customers for their support.

  • November
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    November was quite tricky month for me and perhaps I should have been a little more passive. At Thanksgiving we received a soft hit which personally I did not expect but that's part of the game. I have already taken the notes from the mistakes I've made this month and I think this is the most important. December is an exciting month in NFL so we will have plenty of action which will start from today. Once again I want to thank all my customers for their support !

  • October
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    In October the series of positive results for me and my clients continued. Although it seems very easy I must admit that the month was full of traps but thanks to the improvement during the break between the two seasons I managed to avoid many of these traps. One of my goals by the end of the season is to make a week without loss for the moment it eludes me but I am sure that very soon this week will come. I want to say thank you all my customers old and new to support.

  • September
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    Great start to the season with a little luck could be perfect but let's not be insolent. Last year, namely in September it was the month which was the most difficult and the reason for this is some stupid decisions that I took. During this season, the lessons are learned and I was glad to see good results from the first month. The plan for this month is exactly the same as until now to be selective and choose the best matches. I'm sure all the fans of this spectacular sport are more than excited to start of the new season just as me so I would you wish to enjoy your favorite sport and for everything else you can count on me.

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    Hello to everyone ! The new NFL season is here and we must be excited more than ever. We had a flat season last campaign and my goal now is to make a good profit in the new season. I'm sure we can expect many positive emotions in the new season. Stay with me and enjoy NFL season 2015 !

  • Season review
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    In the heat of the freeagency I will post my review of last season. It was my first season here at TipstersPlace and we managed to close almost flat. Of course this is not good and I'm not happy with the results we have achieve.  Many valuable lessons were learned during this season lessons that will only help me in the future to be better tipster. Season was a very dynamic and I think there were times when I could take better advantage in any of the situations. The decisions which I take throughout the season were very well defined and the most important thing is that all the time I keep the risks to low which is very good IMO. With a few changes in my strategy in the next season I have no doubt that I would have a remarkable and profitable season.

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    December was the third consecutive positive month for us. As always the profit could be much better but all that will come with time. Unfortunately football season is very short and it will be the last month in which we can enjoy this great sport. My plan for this month is to give as much tips as I can taking into the limited number of games that have available and to be able to finish the season with a good profit. Soon I will publish my annual review. Thank you all for your trust.

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    November was our second consecutive month with a profit. Again, I stuck to the plan that I have and it gave positive results. In a few games we had unique bad luck and this stop us for even better results. I want to thank all my customers for their trust I'm sure that before us stay even better positive days.

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    October was our first positive month for the new season. The plan that was set before the start of the month for selectivity was filled completely and the results were not late. The thing I want to increase in the new month is my win rate which is 50% now and my goal is to increase it up to 55%-58% and this will lead to even better results.