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    Hello everyone December is here and I'm here for the final two months of the season. September wasn't  so good for me and I had really bad streak in the end, this things happen. I didn't stop betting during my small break here and my results wasn't like September but I can't prove you this unless I don't give you an access to my betting account :) I will not set any targets for the new month and for the rest of the season the goal is to find some good odds and to bet on them. See you in the next month.

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    Hello to everyone I'm really glad that the new NFL season is here. I know that it will be a lot of fun for US the fans of this amazing sport and this amazin league. We have so much to talk and write about and I don't even know from where to start... In my first blog post about the new season I will type only about the betting and my plan for the new season. I will stick with 2 units per game max and my stake will be 1 or 2 units but I'm planing to post around 90% of my bets with 2 units so it will be basicly flat stake. I will try to give you my best games for the week around 2-4 games, and the bookies you need are Pinnacle and Bet365, this is all. Have funt and let's we beat this bookies !!!

    - Nicholas Coleman 

  • November 2017
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    The season in NFL is too short for making mistakes... Every time a tipster is making a mistake by posting more tips, or missing some tips or anything else, he is paying the price. Last two months I have an amazing experience and again I learned a lot of lessons. So far we are still up for the year and I think that we can have one good season in general. As long as I'm not losing money I know that the time for making mone will come. Every month we had a great start and then bad finish this is how we can describe this season so far I think we can have strong finish.

    Thanks to everyone for the support.

  • October 2017
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    October was good month for us even when we are negative. We had one full month with action and we had several really good bets which lost due to bad luck in my opinion. We are still with profit for the season and I think that we will have some good months until the end of the year. I have plans to keep the same strategy I'm using this season and so far I like the results I see.

    Thank you for your support.

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    We had very nice start of the season. After 13 tips we had +8 units profit which is really nice. Back to September we had good start on week 1 where we were 3-2 overall and after this we had another very big week at the end of the month were we had 4 touchdown scorers in the same week. In my stats I hade 80% win ratio in this kind of bet but this is only because we had 10 tips for the past 3 seasons. 

    This season I will be back to all of the thing which were working for me in the 2015, the year in which I had the most of my profit. I want to bet only handicap, totals, scorrers and team totals, any other bet will be exception and there will be probably 2-3 of them we will see.

    Thank you for your support and see you next month.

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    Hello everyone after the long waiting season 2017 is here. Breaks between seasons always seem very long for real fans of this sport, but during this break I worked a lot on how I can improve my performance this season. What I can tell you is that I've read some incredible books about NFL betting and what I'm going to make is a small change in how I select my bets, more info about the whole strategy you will find on all of my tips but generally I will try to bet only when I have an advantage over the bookmaker according to my personal calculations on lines and total, all best will be with flat stake 2 unit. Last year I tryed with 1-3 units stake system and I didn't make it well we were flat and there were times when maybe I did not use it properly the stakes I had, this is the reason I'm back to 2 unit flat stake system, this means that 2 units = 2% of my bank at any time this is importhant to be known. 

    As always, I'm excited about the new season and you can expect the best of me for you. Every year I aim to be maximally selective and I have to be honest that I almost accomplish this goal this year again selectivity will one of the things I want to achieve because when it happens to me there is no doubt that the good results will come. 

    Thank you all for your support

  • December
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    December was the month in which we had ups and downs. In the end I was not able to finish the month of profit and the regular season also the loss we had is not that big but that does not justify me. I learned many things during this season and will share them in my next blog post that will be the last for this season. In lass we have a couple of good bets which could ultimately lead to better profit with which we can save the season somehow. At the end of the season we can have some very nice features, so if we see them will not hesitate to take action.

    Once again I want to thank all who are with me from the beginning of this season.

  • November
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    Another challenging month to us passed. There was a moment in which we are doing well but we could not make a profit. After carefully analyzing our performance this season I decided to get back to the flat stake by the end of the season and stop individual bets exceptions can do a lot of very good bets are unlikely to have more than 1-2. This is the last month of the regular season and I want to be careful and to select my bets even better than before. 

    Thank you all for your support.
    Nicholas Coleman

  • October
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    October was challenging for us but we managed to make a good profit in a month with 15+ tips which in my opinion shows progress. There was a week in which missed no active tips and after watching reports on all matches in this week, I can tell you that we did not miss anything. November is always very interesting month and promises to have a lot of action. Currently I have a goal to reach 10%+ yield for the service by the end of this season. Personally I think this is an achievable goal and in my mind it's a matter of time. 

    I want to thank everyone who supported me and been with me from the beginning. I also want to encourage all who are hesitant to try my services. 

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    The new season is here and we had four weeks in September. Of course it was not my best four weeks however the damage was not so big. In NFL one week you could be a king and tne next tone you could lose all your bets. To be honest I'm trying to clear this thing with more analysis, watching games and tracking statistics. 

    I have two months with 15+ tips and both of them are negative so I have saw this small problem and I will fix it in the feature. I will not insist on an analysis of any of the games last season because if I go back I will always take that bet again (except maybe San Diego). I love all my bets I have made in the past they are the result of the work that I do during the week and always are accompanied with 6-7 hours of football without advertising at the end of the week for me :)

    See you again next month.

    Thanks to all new and old customers for their support.