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  • June
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    Hi everyone we finish the month with a 10.19% Yield for 17 tips . So we are back in business and off to a good start for July .

    Looking back I am happy with how my lions tips went . Won the 3 x @1 unit tips and lost the 2 x 0.5unit tips .  

    Looking ahead we have got the business end of the Super 18 , July has always been good to us , and touch wood it continues .

    Thanks to my subscribers who have stuck it out with me and to those who have left, hopefully I can win back your trust .

  • May .
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    Hi everyone , We avoided it for 42 months and then on the 43rd month bang a train crash  .

    May was a total disaster on all fronts , Best now that I take that on the chin and move on .

    What's important now is how I respond to this with June , A month that has always been good to us , So touch wood .

    I am more than happy to see International rugby back with the Lions Tour and the other June tests so hopefully things turn around for us here .

  • April
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    Hi everyone , our unbeaten run comes to an end and we finish the month in red . Very dissapointing yes , but certainly no train crash .

    I am not here to just break even every time because my job is to make profit .

    Moving onto May , yes we have got off to a bad start but its still early , so I dont worry too much about that .

    We've got the Super 18 as per norm and all the Finals in the European Comps , Very tricky indeed .

    Anyway hopefully it turns around for us this month , because June looks even tougher .

  • March
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    Hi everyone we finish the month with a 2.43% Yield for 16 tips . Got off to the worst start ever and we had to battle hard all month to turn it around ,

    Yes I was under pressure , but unlike some other tipsters I never went chasing , only fools do that ,  bookies friend .

    Super 18 tips so far , I will put down to rotten luck , 2 of them done in the last minute by the same team ( Bloody Crusaders ) ,

    I had the  Warathas tipped, then Bernard Foley becomes a late withdrawal , I tip the Sunwovles + cap at home and it loses to the Kings, But in their next 3 games

    after that against the Cheetahs , Bulls and stormers they play out of their skins and the +cap wins  , just typical .

    So I am not far off and you will see a big improvement from here on in from me with this comp because I dont give up that easy

    On a postive note we landed another 4/4 again with the Six Nations -  Best Ever Six Nations with 8/8 wins on the caps .

    Looking ahead in April we got  the business end of the European Season and the Super 18 as per norm

    Again Thanks to subscribers who trust me with their hard earned .

  • February
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    Hi everyone we finish the month with a 26.73% Yield for 11 tips . Best February on record , So yes I am a happy with that .

    Looking back we had 8 wins and 3 losses ,  And  4/4 in the Six Nations , Again proves that Quality beats Quanity every time .

    March has always been kind to us and hoefully that continues , it is  shaping up to be a very busy month indeed with the

    Business end of the Six Nations , Super 18 and European rugy comps , 5 weeks of rugby .

    Again thanks to my subscribers , Hopefully those green apples keep getting bigger for us  .

    Onwards and Upwards

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    I set myself a target of 20% Yield for 600 Tips .

    18.66% falls short but its a improvement on our 18.14% Yield for 500 tips .

    600 tips   18.66%

    500 tips   18.14%

    400 tips   19.73%

    300 tip 20.81%

    200 tips  21.41%

    100 tips  21.09%  

    My new target is to be at least 20% Yield when I reach 700 tips .

  • January
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    Hi everyone we finish the month with a 21.07 % Yield for 9 tips , Yip happy enough .

    Looking back , Yes it was a tricky month , but I done my homework  because Quality beats Quanity every single time ,

    As you can see Ive added Paddy Power & their friends ( Betfair + Sportsbet in Australia is same thing only different name ) to my list of bookies .

    Its a absolute privilege to challenge myself against arguably the best Rugby traders in the industry at the moment .

    Looking ahead to February we got the Six Nations and the Super 18 starting , Looks like we are going to be busy busy .

    And with this tough month out of the way hopefully its going to be a case of Onwards and Upwards from here on in .

    Finally thanks to my subscribers who trust me with their hard earned , Rest assured Ive got your best interests at heart .

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    Six Nations 2017 kicks off next weekend , There's a lot at stake this year ,

    Because the winner should conquer all with spots including the captaincy up for grabs on the upcoming Lions tour to New Zealand .

    If we were just to go off what we all saw in November , then it should be a two horse race , with the other 4 teams just there to make up the numbers .

    What we learnt is that England and Ireland are two well oiled powerful machines with quality player depth .

    If there's going to be a Dark Horse  , Id say Scotland ,  they have really turned their game around since they got the wooden spoon in 2015 .

    They play the game beautifully , that will test any defence , just ask Australia who got out of jail last two times they played them .

    Wales are wales , they just dont have the player depth to compete with the likes of England and Ireland .

    Then we come to France , Do they even care about the Six Nations ?

    Lastly we come to Italy ( Because thats where they are going to finish last ) . New manager or not they wont win a single game .

    Finally and no doubt about it the man with the whistle will play his part  . And hopefully we see some consistency this year .

    So if you are thinking about subscribing , check out my International rugby tipping  stats in my blog .  Good luck

  • 2016 Review
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    13.96% Yield for 176 tips , that's what the stats say for 2016 .


    Yep , toughest year yet  as we limped into the new year .

    But this is what we are up against now because the bookies have upped their game , it was going to happen sooner or later

    Recreational bookies Paddypower & Friends release their caps on monday's or latest tuesday for all games now .

    Bet365  the worlds best bookie is fine  but Pinnacle , SBO and 188bet smartly play the waiting game and when they release their caps thurs /friday

    in most cases  value is well gone and I am living off scraps . Its all about getting them caps early as you can because in this game you snooze you lose .

    Again Ive shown consistency with 10 green months in a row ( Should be 11 really I lost 40 pence in Febuary , Is that really classed as a losing month ?)

    Another postive I will take from 2016 is that I lost less than I did in 2015 + 2014 , And Hopefully we progress further on from there for 2017 .

    Happy New Year

  • December
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    Hi everyone we finish the month with our heads just above water . Looking back we just had no luck whats so ever ,

    1. Australia +9.5 losing was daylight robbery , Yardes Try was a clear knock-on. 2. Toulouse -40 winning by 39pts

    3. Red Card killed our Montpellier +0.5 and  4. Saracens -17.5 done in the last min . Tough pills to swallow .

    Looking ahead  January can be quite tricky as we found out the hard way last time out .

    And because of this I will be playing it safe because I dont want a repeat .

    Finally to my subscribers , thank you for your loyalty and patience , I have no doubt that those little green apples will grow again .