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  • August review
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    With only one bet there's not much to say about August except "we got a liiiitle bit lucky".

    I was counting on Aaron Rodgers to help us get the over but he was scratched because of the rainy weather. Yet the Eagles provided enough offense to cover the 24 points by themselves.

    I think I will give them another go for an over very soon. Maybe next Monday in Atlanta.

    And one thing I noticed in Week 1 of NCAA season: games in primetime are a crapshoot in terms of covering the spread and the total. Therefore I will concentrate mainly on early and very late matches that are not nationally televised. Call it a conspiracy theory but for the time being I will be cautious.

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    Hi everybody!

    Welcome to another season of american football tips on TipstersPlace!

    It's been six months since Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson's pass preventing Seattle Seahawks from clinching back-ro-back Super Bowl titles. There were as usual many changes among NFL teams. A number of players (mainly from my beloved SF 49ers) retired some of them of fear from head traumas. A promising rookie class is getting ready to make its debut but as of today the biggest question is: will Tom Brady be suspended for the first month of the season or will the Deflategate circus will drag on?

    The preseason is in full swing but I will make only a small number of bets until the end of the month as these games are hard to predict and the starters rarely play beyond first half.

    NCAA season starts on September 3rd and that is where I will become more active with the tips.

    So stick around and good luck!

  • Season review
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    Well, 2014 was a fun year.

    After my debut season I was a little down on myself and had to rethink some of the strategy. American football is a very short season sport. If you exclude AFL, which I do as this is a league with almost no defense, there are only 18 weeks to bet. And unlike other sports there aren't matches every day. So you have to be very selective. Which I didn't fully do in 2013.

    In 2014 I decided to get a little conservative. I didn't have a 5-units bet at all. I shortened the array of matches to study but went more creative on the type of bets. And found a large number of bookie mistakes that I managed to punish.

    Bookies almost every time underestimate the fact that in the NCAA offense is way ahead of the defense. Therefore especially in the bowls season I found very attractive odds on overs which as you can see in my stats were the most profitable bets.

    In the NFL it took me a little while to find the pulse of the season but as usual final three weeks of regular season were good. Although I must admit that I missed some good opportunities on Saf Francisco matches. However Niners are my favourite team and I believe that you should never bet against the one you love.

    I'm a little sad that I have to be idle until August. Until then take care and get ready for another season of battles against bookies.

  • 2014 review
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    American football is a short season sport. It lasts only five months and you have to chose where and how much to bet. And while 2013 was filled with rookie mistakes 2014 was a good one.

    Numbers say 25.25 units profit and 6.66% yield. Could it be better? Definitely. But the Black Sunday (November 16th) cost us 12.5 units...

    For me the turning point was in the middle of September. That's when I decided to change the strategy. In NCAA I limited the number of conferences I bet on. I discarded SEC and Sun Belt and concentrated on Big Ten, Pac-12, MAC and C-USA. In NFL I started to go heavily for team scores and TD scorers. And it payed off.

    NCAA bowl season was a huge success, last three weeks of the NFL regular season too. The only bad thing is that we have only a handful of matches before the long break...

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    At the beginning of the month I promised that we'll make a good profit. However I couldn't imagine it will be the best month of 2014! 14 units profit, 18.92% yield and 18-4 in the last 22 tips. Yet there was potential for even more but for different reasons I missed some good odds...

    January is the last month of the season with NFL playoffs and last NCAA bowl games. There will be a limited number of matches but I think we'll find enough opportunities. Regarding playoffs I'm looking for stories that will make the hype for the next round as big as possible. For example: last year was the first since the beginning of the century in which two #1 seeds made it to the Super Bowl. I'm pretty sure it won't happen this year. Time will tell whether I'm right or not...

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    After two good months November put us back in the red. And all because of one bad Sunday with the lowest TDs scored all season. Unfortunately it was the Sunday I went heavily on TD scorers… Nevermind, December is usually a good month with all the NCCA bowl games and the end of NFL regular season so we’ll have plenty of chances to catch up.

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    In 1993 Ice Cube released "It Was A Good Day" and the song climbed to #1 in Billboard Rap Chart. To perephrase the title - October was a good month. Actually the best one so far. Althouh I think that things can always be better...
    November is the usually the busiest month of the year. With matches on 29 of its 30 days there will be plenty of opportunities to make money. Just buckle up!

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    A month in the green although the profit was a little less than I hoped for. A disastrous Saturday (September 6th) did not help but a couple of tips did not happen for a yard or two, a minute longer half and an untimely red-zone interception. We should've won a few units more but still for a start of the season - not bad.
    I'll be a little cautious in October as usually this is the month of the turnaround. And few things happen the way they are supposed to. The first weekend was a good example. I managed to stay away from the upsets in NFL and lost less than an unit in one of the craziest Saturdays ever in NCAA.

  • August review
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    August was like testing the water. Usually the NFL preseason is a crapshoot but this one was way beyond normal. If it wasn't Tom Coughlin's obcession to play for the win at all cost leaving regulars to face second stringers and two missed fourth quarter field goals by Greg "The Leg" Zeuerlein we'll the month would've been profitable. Of course there was the positive start of NCAA season so September should give plenty of opportunities to catch up.

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    Hi everybody!
    The wait is over. NFL preseason just started so there are plenty of bet opportunities. This month we'll test the water to get ready for the big September splash!