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    8.04 units, 13.29% profit sounds good. But two bad days (one to start and one to end) prevented a bigger month. I felt depressed after the outcomes of October 23rd tips and felt I needed a little break. I did not post anything for almost ten days but this is November. The month with only one day with no games in NCAA or NFL. So I plan to be active even far away from home (I'm on vacation on a Pacific island with no mobile phones coverage and limited Internet availability).

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    I'm never satisfied with my work no matter how positive is the month. That's just my nature.

    Historically September is a tough month for me. These are first opportunities after the long layoff and things not always go to a fast start. Although 5.18 units (9.42%) is not bad for a 27 tips month. And if not for a last-second field goal by South Alabama, 10-points blown lead going into the final quarter by Carolina, a couple of missed field goals by Maryland and Connecticutt leaving at lest 10 points on the field after strange choices by coach Diaco in the red zone results coud've been even better.

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    Hello everybody and wecome to another season of american football on Tipstersplace!

    Unlike previous years I decided to skip the NFL preseason. And will also skip the opening day of college football. Most of tonight's games feature FBS teams against lesser opposition and I don't like to bet on big handicaps.

    The first tip will be tomoorow on Temple - Army and I'm considering also a tip or two for Saturday to get things started.

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    December was a month of two halves. Literally.

    After the awful first two weeks and the big December 13th loss I was out of ideas what to change. Luckily the Bowl season started a week later and the win-streak got us back on track.

    12-3 (and 2-0 on January 1st) in college games helped cover the losses from the NFL. God, I really hate what NFL has turned into in 2015. Luckily, there's NCAA. For another month in the green (21-16 for 8.75 U and 11.51% profit).

    The season is drawing to a close and there are only 14 games let in total. I will skip the NCAA title game and the Pro Bowl so don't expect a lot of activity in January. But who knows - maybe after all the NFL disappointment I still can turn the tide.

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    After careful consideration I decided to skip the next two days of NCAA games. The bowl season has been very successful for us but I simply don't like the match-ups and was thinking for only a bet on NC State - Miss State. However the monsoon over Charlotte made (at least in my mind) the game unpredictable. Also: I got very lucky with the North Carolina over last night and I don't like to test how much luck I got left for 2015. So happy holidays everybody, the next tip will be posted on Friday.

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    November was a good month, I'm not going to lie. 19-10 with a 9.10 units and 16.11% profit for my first positive November!!! Although I didn't like the way the month ended with two misses.

    NFL is still a crapshoot with way more hype and entertainment than actual football. So I will continue to avoid the No Fun League as much as possible and concentrate on NCAA.

    December is my favourite month. With the bowl season (this year with record 41 games) starting on December 19th there will be plenty of opportunities. And I always like to bet on the final two weeks of the NFL regular season when things go crazy.

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    I forgot something talking about the losses of October...

    October 30th New England - Miami: I grossly overvalued Miami's success against Tennessee and Houston. Because of that and considering all the injuries they suffered last week I'll put the Dolphins in a freezer for a long time before considering to bet on them again.

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    19-5-2, 26.87 units and 41.98% profit. Not bad for a single month, right? But it could've been better. What about the four red "X"-es in the resume?

    October 4th Chicago - Oakland: A last second filed goal. A truly devastating loss. I got so depressed that I considered taking a week or two off. I'm glad I didn't...

    October 9th Houston - Indianapolis: The way the first Texans drive ended (interception in the red zone) I was sure the Colts will somehow end with the win. Ryan Mallett is now gone but what he did that night was baaaaaaaad!

    October 11th Dallas - New England: I didn't want to bet on any game that Sunday. But at the last moment I talked myself to do it. I should've not do it...

    October 17th Michigan - Michigan St.: The only NCAA blemish for the month. I usually avoid betting the top NCAA games that are nationally televised. But I was convinced that Jim Harbaugh had learned the lesson that settling for field goals rarely wins matches. The end of the game was bizarre but even without the muffed punt Michigan would've not cover the spread.

    I don't have much fun with NFL anymore (they reached the point when entertainment is way too much and the real sport disappeared) so I decided to concentrate mainly on NCAA. I will stick to this for the time being, at least through November.

    Talking about November: of 30 days there are games in 29 of them with the only exception being the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It should be a fun month with a lot of opportunities.

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    There are easy to read signs that say "It's not your month". Like:

    DeMarco Murray had three chances to score from the one-yard line. When he finally managed the TD was called back because of a holding penalty...

    Seth Collins had a first-and-goal at the Stanford 6 and threw three straight incompletitions. Oregon St. ended kicking the field goal and lost by 18. With a bet +17.5...

    Bill O'Brien decided to rotate the running backs against Carolina only to proclaim Alfred Blue the featured one the next day. Of course he ran for 100 the Sunday after the one I needed him to do so...

    Central Michigan scored on the last play of the half. And ended it losing by 10 with a bet -14...

    I'm ashamed of September results. If I was a samurai I would've comitted suicide. Literally...

    On to October.

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    Kansas City had never lost five times in a row against Denver at home. Until yesterday.

    Three times I was about to post the tip "KC to win straight-up". And three times I talked myself not to do it. Why? Because it was so obvious (along with the KC-3 line). And that happens always at the beginning of the NFL season. During Week 1 the obvious bets are almost automatic. Week 2 is a totally different story.

    Never underestimate the power of NFL. Especially with the way KC lost last night.