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    Not much to write about October for obvious reasons. Just three tips due to site transfer. It cost an opportunity to cash big on Drew Brees' record setting night but... Whatever.

    November offers a football game in 29 out of 30 days. I'll try to make up for the lost time.

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    The plan was good but the execution failed. This is how I can summarize September...

    As I wrote previously September is not a month I like betting on baseball. So I stayed away from MLB and MiLB. But my football season started exactly the way my beloved 49ers - gloomy and doomed.

    In my wildest dreams I could never predict that a Sun Belt team can beat a C-USA team away from home!!! But that's exactly what happened...

    How on Earth can a newcommer in FBS (Liberty) beat New Mexico and then lose to New Mexico St. who were beaten by New Mexico soundly just two weeks earlier? Unbelievable...

    I have no idea what is going on in NCAA and as much as I hate the NFL and their no touch policy towards QBs I think I'll have to stick with the pros for the moment...

  • August review
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    The month was great until...the football season started. 10-4 on baseball, 0-2 on football. Yet a 9% yield.

    One of the lost tips on baseball I just got carried away after Nationals traded away two starters in a matter of minutes. Little did I know this will mark the beginning of Phillies downfall.

    Indianapolis needed to get seven more outs against a team that wasn't playing for anything and hadn't make any contact with the ball. They couldn't...

    The Mets-Reds over was a product of a rain delay. Things started perfectly but even before the middle of the first inning the skies opened. And after a 140-minutes rain delay Jason Vargas was gone...

    Once again I came close to break the 90 barrier and couldn't. Should happen in September.

  • July review
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    Not much to report for the month of July. Just two tips, 1-0-1 with a 1.60 U profit. The void one was painful. Vince Velasquez was an out away from keeping the lead but allowed an RBI single to Billy Hamilton. A .226 hitter batting at the bottom of the order! Speechless...

    August will mark the start of NCAA football sesason and NFL preseason matches. I intended to be active on tle latter but probably will revisit this decision. And it's the last meaningful month of MLB action before the rosters expansion.

  • June review
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    An awful June. I know what I did wrong but looking back there was no way to avoid the bad streak. Except the Binghamton - Trenton tip. I was obsessed witn the idea to bet against the Rumble Ponies after Alonso and McNeil were promoted to Triple-A and understimated that a 30-year old veteran was pitching against kids. And that once in a blue moon the veteran can have sucess.

  • May review
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    I started May with high expectations and ended it on a personal high. On the third to last day of the month I reached the highest profit of my five-year career @Tipstersplace. At the end 15-9-1 for +4.30 U, 8,96% yield is not something to brag but it is a nice result.

    As always things could've been better. Twice I was spurned by the Braves and their almost historical first innnig drought. On the other hand they somehow saved me on the Black Sunday (May 20th) when they rallied from 4:9 down with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Marlins and bring the void.

    There was the inevitable luck. I expected Tacoma to crush Las Vegas and their newly promoted ptiching staff on May 30th. It went the other way yet it was still enough to hit the over.

    In May I incororated Triple-A matches more into my resume. And I don't plan to abandon the plan at least not while it works. After all the difference between Triple-A and the majors is not that small and rehabbing pitchers tend to dominate in such situations. And there are a couple of teams that you can almost blind faithed thrust after a defeat. Like Toledo last evening.

  • April review
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    A month that practically broke even. I should've been well in the green. Twice I fell a hit short of the goal but the tip I regret the most was the under on the first inning of Atlanta - Washington on April 4th. Things were set up perfectly. However with two outs in the bottom of the inning Nationals shortstop Wilmer Difo booted a routine ball allowing the batter to reach base. Five pitches later Preston Tucker launched a trhee run HR. Instead of a 1.84 profit I lost 2 units with one swing of the bat...

    Last month I wrote about some expectations of the certain teams. Well, most of all proved true. Except for the Mets. Their rotation fell apart in the last two weeks and they tumbled from first to fourth in NL East. As much as I love them I don't expect them to rebound soon. The other teams are going more or less the way I predicred.

  • March review
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    March was a transition month. As I previously wrote there weren't many tips as Spring Training is more or less an exhibition. Still 3-1 with a 2.85 U profit is OK as a result.

    In April the MLB season will get in full swing but with the uncertain weather I'll limit the number of tips until the middle of the month. As a free tip: Mets will be way better than expected, Nats will crush down to Earth, Braves will surprise many while Marlins, White Sox, Tigers and Royals won't win many games.

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    One of the craziest and slow-running offseasons in MLB is almost over. Opening Day is in two weeks time and that's when eveybody will be undefeated!

    Meanwhile Spring Training is in full swing and while these are practically exhibition matches they give some sort of indication what to expect in the regular season. I'll stick to the Mets' games in the next 15 days and post occasional tips just to get the feeling back.

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    Another month filled with off field problems which affected my performance. I was able to post only 16 tips, missed a lot of easy opportunities but still managed to have a month in green. Although 8-7-1 could've easily turn into at least 10-6 if not for a Boston College scoring five seconds before the end of the quarter to void the tip and Mike Wallace deciding to come back and lose a couple of yards finishing with 60 with an O/U line of 60.5...

    January marks the end of the NCAA season but I won;t bet on a game featuring semi-pro teams from the fraudulent SEC. NFL Playoffs also go underway but I expect a quiet month without many (if any) tips preparing for the start of MLB Spring Training.