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    Hi to all. Last month was pretty solid, better than January and I hope and I will give my best to make good profit this month. Some early bets was profitable, we used early markets prices to get adventage before odds crush. Focus will be on lower numbers of leagues cos that should get better results. Thanks, i will give best I can as always do. Some luck if we have stats will be better and better every month sure.

    Regards and all best by my side.


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    Not bad month but I am not satisfied cos we can do it much better. Some bet was unlucky lost, but that is part of gambling. Early bets and leagues I know better than others will be focus so results shoud be better in next months sure. Regards to all. Thanks a lot.

  • 12/2015
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    Last month, december 2015 was pretty solid, could be better sure and I will try to give my best to improve stats and results in next period. UK and few other leagues I follow will offer many interesting games and situation I will try to use to get us profitable period in front of us. We need a litlle bit of luck and everything will be just fine.

    Thanks to all for support, let make good results in next weeks.

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    Hi to all. 

    From April 2015 till now, in this last 8 months job I done was good, but I will give my best to improve results even more. I am sure good period is in front of us. Focus will be UK and some other football leagues. That is field where I will be focused cos that is best way I am sure, that is leagues I know best, so it is best option. Leagues I follow and bet in next months wil offer interesting and valuable odds and bets so chances for profit are very good I belive, opportunity to satisfy all expectations. Next month will offer good and valuable rounds in my preffered competitions, I will try to choose best picks I can. Thanks to all for suuport and beliving in my work here.