Name: Robert Allen

Age: 43 years old

Experience in sports betting: I have been interested in football for over 30 years now. Over time I have gained a lot of knowledge and have gathered enough information for the championships all over the world. My career as a football player helped me to understand many things that happen and influence the game on the field.

Strategy: My strategy of betting is to use the information on the temporal shape of teams, missing players, motivation, weather ... I also monitor the movement of the football odds and the cash flow. Every one of my predictions is seriously considered and I am confident of them. I do not give predictions for matches just because you have to play something. Bet on games in which the teams are fairly equal, but use a secure bet.

Stake system: 1-3 system. When the bet is secured (e.g. -0.25 Asian handicap instead -0.5) will be larger.

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