Name: Nicholas Coleman


Age: 35 years old.


Experience in sports betting: I am involved in sports betting since I was 21 years.


Strategy: My strategy is simple to see the value hit the value. Doing this in the long term, you always make a profit. I follow the NFL long enough to be able to see when there is value on the line and this is my edge. Another part of my strategy is my selectivity. The NFL season is short but there are many games. That is why I focus on less than 30% of the matches in a week, not every line has a value. 


Stake system: I use flat stake system. Maybe there will be one of the most two games in which we afford to bet more than 2 units this season.


Why you chose This is a great site that I follow since its inception. Everything on the site is professionally done which shows how serious the people behind this site are. Also, I like the team of tipsters who is very good and I think it will fit in perfectly with this team.