Name: Julien Bernard

Age: 44 years old.

Betting Experience: I have been betting on Rugby since 2002 And I have been betting and tipping at a professional level since 2013. 

Betting Strategy: So the main thing I look at for every game is team line-ups and it's here where I will get an edge over the bookmaker Remember the bookmakers are human like the rest of us and they also make mistakes and when they do. I will be the one to find them My main focus is the handicap / Line. Team line-ups are where I look to get an edge over the bookmaker.

Stake System: 0.5 unit = half stakes, 1 unit = full stakes, 2 unit = Double stakes. 

Why did you chose Honesty and integrity are very important in this business and with I feel I can achieve my goals as a professional rugby tipster and be part of a successful team.