Name: Yordan Bozhinov


Age: 36 years old.


Experience in sports betting: 20 years. I started in 1993 and until 2004 I was concentrated mainly on football. Since then the NFL became my favorite.


Strategy: I always scan precisely the injury list. I always read carefully Peter King’s articles and do exactly the opposite. I watch all games and especially the All-22 analytic edition on Every week I concentrate on a certain number of games. I don’t rush to bet the minute odds are posted. Every week their multiple examples of strange market trends that must be exploited.


Stake system: I use 1-5 stake system. Every week I concentrate on certain games. Mainly on the straight picks and over/under. I don’t like betting high no matter how confident I am in the outcome.


Why you choose I’ve always been a giving person. Considering American football as a huge part of my life and here I would like to share my experience and help others fall in love with this wonderful game.