Name: Michal Kováč

Age: 34 years old.

Experience in sports betting: I graduated from university with a finance engineer diploma. I have become a pro betting trader in 2015, when some of my calculated quantitative in-play strategies start to work and I have earned very nice money, which up to date resulted in fact, that lot of bookmakers limited my bets to a minimum as well as they corrected their losing odds algorithm... So last year I have started to move from "technical day-trading" to more fundamental, where is also a place for tipsters... From previous strategies, I am very familiar with sports odds counting, probabilities etc. and I know what is real value...

Strategy: I am focused only on Slovakian and Czech football, primarily 1st Slovakian and 1st Czech league, minority  2nd Czech and Slovak leagues... I have access to local football sports news, as well as I am familiar with local clubs ownership, visions, strategy, goals, fans, etc.

My point is that my local expertise and analytics could be very beneficial in a worldwide platform like, where other tippers can benefit from information, especially professionals who would understand my attitude. I will be focused on the quality of tips rather than quantity. My added value should be a deep understanding of the little market, and as a result could be seen profit opportunities, which general market do not see. Czech and Slovak leagues are not TOP leagues, and there is sometimes really nice "odds inefficiency" in the market. On another hand, these leagues are quite liquid and all main bookies are accepting bets. My goal is to keep a positive yield above 15 % in the long term. There will be not so many tips, about 1-3 per week. There will be a long winter break from mid of December, until mid of February.

Stake system: I am using the system from 0,5 unit to 3 units. More or fewer units will not depend on nominal of odds but in my opinion about the discrepancy of odds from real value. I like the odds in the range from 2 to 4, there is more than a 50 % probability of success. To calibrate favorable odds against risk, I am using Asian handicaps some times.

Why did you choose Out of 4 webs I found and checked deeper I liked most. It was not so "overcrowded", simple, understandable, transparent,  with few, but good tipsters... I checked some references, I contacted them, they responded, we started to talk, tried some tips, so here we are, let´s see, how it will works...