Name: Anthony Moore


Age: 26 years old 


Betting Experience: I have a lot of betting experience for my age. I have 6 or 7 years experience of betting on all sports but my first love is horse racing. I never bet big at the time and to this day I don't bet big. I was mainly doing it as fun and enjoyment until I realized I could make money by betting wisely and sticking to small stakes. When I am betting I take a lot of consideration into my tips going on the form of jockeys, trainers, horse form.

Betting Strategy: My betting strategy is finding the customer value for money. Again I generally will have low stakes. Some may ask why the low stakes, the reason is it has worked for me and my results so far have proven this. I stick to a strict approach when betting, I don't just dive into the first bet I see. Some days I will have 1, 2 or even 3 bets some days I won't. Been patient and finding value for money is what I believe are the two main aspects. Again, I look at the form of trainers, jockeys, form on the ground to maximize the potential for a win for the customer.


Stake System: I use either 1 unit, 2 unit or 3 unit win bets. Again I generally stick to the 1 unit win bets. I would use 1 unit or 2 unit win bets on horses that I really fancy. I would suggest sticking to this system as it will work for you just as it has for me.


Why did you choose I chose to become a tipster as they are very professional in dealing and helping with not only customers but all tipsters on the site. They are very reliable. I am able to express myself a lot through my tips and give my reason for tips online other sites. I hope I will keep on improving through guidance and help through my friends and fellow tipsters at