Name: Flaviu Ferreira

Age: 33 years old

Experience in sports betting: My experience in the betting began in 2003 when I became a professional of arbitrages and was a member of the most famous forums! I have learned over the years to realize what is the value in betting, and I have been passing gradually into the world of tips, and soon with enough success to the present day. In the last 3 years, I decided to show to the world my ability, and now I'm super excited to get here on TipstersPlace.

Strategy: It's very simple. Beginning my daily work, in the morning, very early, looking for news that I think are relevant to the championships that I follow with more interest! When something interests me, I will immediately realize if this news is already reflected in the odds that this particular game me presents, if I think the market is not yet reacted and has value to odd presented, I bet! To see if my work continues to be well done, registration always the odd of the closure of the market in Asia, and usually win the market more than 70% of the times, which helps me to accept the inevitable bad runs and realize that my work continues to be well done.

Stake system: The most correct and honest, flat stake, as all guru's of betting do, and I try to follow the best ones!

Why did you choose I chose TipstersPlace because I loved the project and its professionalism, project attractive and the honesty of the people behind the project! I will give my best to help the TipstersPlace to be the site of reference for betting!