Name: Demetrio Giotti

Age: 36 years old

Betting Experience: I've been following basketball since I was a kid but I started betting on it around 10 years ago admittedly with poor results at first as I never considered the concepts of probability, value, statistics, money management and myriad other little things crucial when betting. It took a few years of trial and error to develop a system that actually works and never looked back since.

Betting Strategy: If I had to describe my betting philosophy with two words those would be specialization and selectivity. I only bet on leagues I have an excellent knowledge of. Spain, Greece and Italy as far as domestic competitions are concerned, a couple of international European ones and the NBA. Also, I have a very strict, selective approach when choosing my picks. A few pre-established criteria must be met, the most important being the value existing in a particular bet. Identifying that is easier said than done as it requires a deep knowledge of players, coaches along with every team's strengths and weaknesses as well as other small but crucial details like on and off the court news and developments, recent form, team rivalries, fan base devotion just to name a few. Hence the importance of specialization I mentioned earlier. Finally, you will see picks just on the home or away win and the handicaps market. No obscure, exotic bets with low limits and poor availability.

Stake System: I will be using 1 to 1,5 units most of the times when betting on odds over 3.00 and 2 to 3 units on handicaps and I would suggest sticking to these stakes especially if you are risk-averse.

Why did you choose Several reasons. Mostly I appreciate that this is a reliable, professionally run service that leaves great freedom to the tipsters to express themselves and I reckon there is great potential for Tipstersplace to improve even further in the near future.