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  • March Review
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    After a good run of results in February March was a bad luck month for me. A lot of 50-50 games went to the wrong side and ended up losing and I also happened to enter a lot of games where common sense had little to none room. When we tipsters tip on games we tip on common sense and believe that logic and analysis will play a pivotal role. Oftentimes that's exactly how it is but sometimes games don't obey to sane mind and no kind of experts can predict how one or other game will develop. I call it 'crazy games', so when you get a month containing lots of 'crazy games' it's really hard to expect a month with positive balance on the betting accounts. For instance, the Lithuanian Basketball League, LKL, had a lot of March craze and thus my betting results were extremely poor on the league I know better than any else. This is not what I could call a bad luck month - this was what I call a crazy month. Such periods or months don't happen often but they do happen and they do bring very poor gambling outcomes.

    I enter April with a lot of positive emotions and I am sure this month will be much better for two obvious reasons. First and foremost, I am too good to have two such poor months in a row. Secondable, it can't potentially be any poorer than March, can it?.. LKL will be the main target league for me this month and I expect to improve my record on this league in particular.

    Thank you very much for following me and your support and loyalty are much appreciated! Good luck everyone!

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    February was my first month at Tipstersplace. It was a very good one and I am very satisfied with my results. Of course, no month is ever ideal for a tipster and there will always be games spoiled by bad luck but last month there were also games that were rescued by luck, which is essential in making good tipping runs.

    I enter March in a very positive mood and on the back on an impressive run. Grab my monthly package and let us all go out to get some real fun!

  • Introduction
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    Hello everybody!

    It has finally happened and I am part of the TipstersPlace team. I am happy to join this strong and growing family of good quality tipsters and I can promise I will do all it takes and more not to bring a shame to the website with my poor tipping performance. Of course, gambling is an area of uncertainty and no tipster can be 100 percent sure he or she will be doing great all the time. Ups and downs are unavoidable in this tricky game, I am afraid, but the main point is to have more sunshine than rain in the end of the day. I am sure you all get what I mean by saying that!

    You can find more details in my biography section, but once you are reluctant to waste your precious time by reading into details way too much I can tell you I am a basketball tipster and basketball is the only kind of sports I am going to ever cover while in here. Alongside the Home/Away and Handicap markets, which are ordinary for all basketball tipsters, I will also keep posting a lot of Over/Under tips as Total points markets are my strength. A lot of people do not believe in these markets, especially the ones who have a bad experience from the past in such markets. However, I have to warn you that Over/Under in basketball is totally different from Over/Under in football or other tactics-based sports where ball possessions are not limited in time. In basketball, a team has 24 seconds given to take a shot at the basket, so it is a quite straight game. The straighter a sport is from the tactical prospect, the easier it is to cover. For me at least.

    I am not covering a lot of basketball leagues nowadays, so I can give you detailed picks what to take for a tipped game and why. I used to cover a lot of leagues in the past, but stabler results came as soon as I cut down the number of leagues and teams to follow. As you know, there are many types of tipsters. Some base their tips on the stats, some get valuable information from their trustful sources, some watch a lot of games live. I am a watcher and I watch up to 30 hours of basketball per week. The Lithuanian national basketball league, LKL, is my most watched league of all as I have watched all the games thus far. European and international basketball is another strength, I believe.

    Introducing myself to my potential customers I can promise them one thing - if you choose me as your tipster you will find plenty of previously undiscovered interest in basketball and your gambling results will be as stable as they can be in the business. You will not have to jump off a skyscraper roof after a few months of trial, I can assure you that!

    Bye for now and let Lady Luck lead us all in whatever we do!

    Sincerely Yours,