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    April was a month with upswings and downswings for us. At the end of the month, we managed to close the month with a little profit which is always great! I will keep working to continue our streak of green months!

    You can notice that the number of my tips have decreased compared to the first month. This is because some of the sports are already are out of season (NCAA, NFL) and some of the sports are at the end of the season (NBA, NHL, football). The number of matches on NBA and NHL are 2-3 daily right now and it is very hard to find mistakes there. Another reason I am betting less is that my models can not predict the human factors like motivation on football. For example, my models fail to correctly evaluate the winning chances of a team that is in the relegation battle playing against a mid-table team because human factors affect the games more than they do in the regular time of the season.

    However, there are big events coming up on the eSports arena and I will continue to share my tips for them! 

    Good Luck.

  • March 2018
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    In March, we continued our great run with an even better month. We made a profit of 22.84 units with a 31.72% yield. Due to my vacation and the international break, I published fewer tips than usual but I am so happy that we ran this good. Hopefully, we will continue our great months for the rest of the season!

  • February 2018
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    What an amazing start to my career here on tipstersplace!

    We were able to make a profit of +18.26 units with a ROI of 14.43%. I will continue to trust my models and carefully select my tips everyday!

    Looking forward to more months like this (or even better months, who knows...).

  • It All Starts
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    I have started sharing my tips at tipstersplace this month. I only shared 9 picks so far and we haven't had the best of the first week but of course our journey is a long-term journey and I am sure we will get to where we want. In the remaining days of February I will continue tipping on multiple sports, seeking for value.



  • Welcome
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    Hello to all,

    I will be a part of tipstersplace from now on. I have the exact same goal as all of you out there, to beat the bookies and make some profit. In order to achieve that I will use the help of the mathematics with excellent models and sophisticated programs to set the right odds for the games and catch every single mistake that the bookmakers or other punters did, resulting in a value bet. Of course, every single match that my models and programs provide will be researched deeply using local sources and I will make sure that all the human factors are taken into consideration.

    I will be giving tips on a lot of different sports; football, basketball, eSports, hockey, American football etc. The mathematical models can detect the value odds in all of these odds up to a very high percentage of accuracy and I will be using a lot of different sources to research those tips before I share them with you. The reason I am going for all these sports is that there are mistakes made by bookmakers every single day and they are in every sport, so it is better to catch as many of them by following and betting on as many sports, as long as the pick depends on the mathematical models.

    Be aware that more than 90% of the bettors are losing and will continue to lose as long as they rely on their "gut feelings", or the game they watched 5 days ago. If you also want to get out of that 90% and join the few bettors who actually make a profit from betting, know that everything is about calculating the probabilities correctly. Following me will guide you to the value picks and you will enjoy your long-term profit Meanwhile you can enjoy spending your free time doing other things since I will do all the work for you!

    You can find more info in my biography if you wish to do so. Don't forget to subscribe to me and join the winners!