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    A pretty good month for us with almost 8 units of profit made. A February that started bad but finished really strong although the second part of the month was not as busy as the first one. In fact I considered several matches during the last week but none them really convinced me to bet on and in the end it was the wiser move. No sense risking our money on dubious selections when the odds are not that good.

    Remember guys that we as bettors have a powerful but often overlooked weapon. We are the only ones who decide when to place a bet and we should take a chance only when all of our pre-established criteria are met. No point making compromises especially concerning the odds. Allow me an analogy here. A successful bettor can be compared to a sniper. He should have the exact same qualities. Knowledge of his environment, patience, composure, absolute focus and he simply takes the shot (or bet) when the probabilities of hitting the target (or winning the bet) are in his favour!

    As far as February’s bets are concerned, we got lucky to nail Reggiana and Sassari in matches that were decided in the last seconds but were really unfortunate with Milano’s match in Turkey. They were leading for 38 minutes including a 20 point difference during the second quarter but they simply fell apart in the last minutes losing their composure and making one bad decision after another! Still it was the right call taking this bet regardless of the result as the odds (5.31) were simply ridiculous considering how wildly inconsistent and unpredictable Efes Anadolu have been throughout the season.

    Have a great month guys! I’ll talk to you soon…

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    A month in green is always welcome although those 4+ units won could have been almost 10 had Szolnoki not lost a game they had in their pocket. Up 3 points with just 3 seconds left, they only had to foul an opponent and send him to the free throw line. Instead they chose to rely on their defense only to suffer a 3-pointer that sent the game to overtime where subsequently Charleroi prevailed. The only regret I have is not backing Caserta's win too (against Reggiana) instead of just the handicap but obviously it's easy drawing conclusions afterwards.

    On a side note I have noticed a slight increase so far in the picks for 2016/17 season. In fact there have been 50 picks in these past 4 months and that is a trend I hope continues for the rest of 2017. More is not necessarily better but a wider selection of matches means more chances to recover after a few unfortunate picks. In any case my selection process remains the same regardless of the number of games and you can rest assured there is good value in all of the posted picks.

    Take care guys!

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    Hello guys! After almost a year in the training site proving myself it's great to be finally on board. As my first blog post I would like to clarify a few things in order for you to know what to expect of me and to better judge if this service is suitable for you. So let's get started!

    As you might have noticed this is a low workload service which means that those of you having very little time to spare should have no problem following me. On average you should expect around 10 picks/month although that may vary depending on more or less favourable schedule, odds and density of fixtures. I always try to post my picks at least a few hours in advance or even the day before the matches when possible although that is determined by odds movement obviously. I continuously monitor the market as for example an outsider priced at 3.00 that I judged not a worthy bet, may become one if the odds rise at 3.60! Also I always try to choose as my main bookmakers Pinnacle and BET365 because of their reliability and high limits and I completely avoid the less reputable ones even if they may have higher odds sometimes. So the majority of the odds suggested will derive from those two bookies. Finally, the service runs typically from October to the end of May-start of June while in the remaining months in-between I may be active if there is a big international tournament like the Eurobasket. If that is the case I will obviously let you know in time.

    If you decide to subscribe I would highly recommend two things:

    1) Set aside a Betting Bank just for this service and stick to my stakes which are based on a 100 units bankroll. Obviously you adjust accordingly to the size of your own betting bank. Independently of it's size though everyone should have one. Betting at least for me is a serious investment and should be done with the utmost professionalism. A betting bank and a suitable money management system will limit drastically the chance of losing your starting capital while ensuring a long term profit.

    2) Patience! Like with any other form of investment you should always adopt a long term outlook and mindset. I reckon at least a betting season is required for any unfortunate circumstances, bad luck and negative streaks to even themselves out with more favorable periods. All of us would want smooth sailing  with our bets meaning  a regular, constant flow of profit but the truth is that sports betting can be really unpredictable especially when dealing with big odds. As long as you have done your homework though and you are certain of the long term profitability of your betting system or the tipster(s) you follow, patience will reward you in the end. Have no doubt!

    But enough talking for now. Time to get to business! I'll talk to you soon!