Name: Andrew Adams 

Age: 33 years old

Betting experience: I fell in love with basketball when I was a kid and it was quite normal for a child growing in Lithuania where basketball is on top of popularity. In this country many people are crazy about the sport, and there is no other sport to be any close to basketball in terms of what it means to people in social, cultural, and many other aspects. For many years I was just an ordinary basketball fan. Ok, maybe a bit more than an average fan as I would try to buy any affordable basketball-related book, magazine or newspaper that came my way. In 2008, when I was still studying English in my college, I came across an idea to try out sports gambling, which was only starting to gain popularity in Lithuania at the time. My first attempts were not successful and I soon retreated from it. Two years later I happened to join one Lithuanian tipster company, which hired me as a translator. They were football professionals and watching their work I got first lessons how serous sports gambling is done. Later on I joined another British football website and in there I found everything it has to be found for one with dreams to become a professional tipster. In 2014 I started posting my tips on well known free tipsters site. Game tipping aside, I also have some decent experience in sports journalism.

Betting strategy: I used to watch games day and night earlier wanting to find out more and more to get better as a tipster. Young blood is fulfilled with ambition, so that was understandable. Besides, I started a family six years ago, so I though good income from gambling would do no harm. In years I realized one man can never become a god of some field and there are some limits in whatever you do. Extra intensive gambling activities would wear me off and bad results would come every time I was working with my exhausted brain. Therefore, I started covering fewer leagues and it immediately brought in more stability in results, and my head was also fresher. I believe I've learnt something from my mistakes, even though the process of learning is endless. At the moment I am fully covering everything that's related to Lithuanian LKL League, and I am also a keen gambler on European and international basketball. Besides, I am trying to follow Russian VTB League and Spanish ACB, although I usually don't make lots of tips from the latter two.

Stake system: I am going to use from 1 to 2 units in chase after longer odds, while usually I'll take 3 to 4 units for my handicaps and totals along with shorter odds on home/away win markets. I am a tipster who likes healthy risk, because if you're not a person to take risks then there'll never be a place for you in the strict and crazy gambling world, I genuinely believe.

Why did you choose I like the professionalism of the website and its owners. I've heard a lot of positive feedback on this great website, and I like the way the tipsters are treated in here. I do want to help the TipstersPlace grow and I hope I'll be able to grow along with it as a person and as a tipster.