Name: Scott Greene

Age: 28 years old

Betting experience: I started my betting adventure with Soccer betting. Obviously, like almost all inexperienced recreational players I lost more money than winning on my tickets.  After some time I found out Tennis is sport which is easier to predict as we have there only 2 options. Outcome of the game depends only on one person performance and we don't have final result DRAW. Is much easier to understand the motivation of a single person than a football team and information about injury have a bigger impact on the result. For ten years I following tennis very close and watching games almost every day. I watched big tournaments live from the stadium - Birmingham, Nottingham, Wimbledon and ATP World Tour Finals. In the meantime, I learnt mens matches are much easier to predict because their serve is more stable. I started to understand, if You want to be profitable tipster for long time period You need to use the best odds with good limits. That's why all my bets come from Pinnacle Sports. Tennis is passion, but at the same time is my part-time job because I taking this very serious and professionally.

Betting Strategy: Consistently trying to find incorrectly posted odds or HC/UO lines by Pinnacle Sports. All my bets are highly selective. Wrong odds(value), injury concerns or match-up advantage - one of these reasons must be followed for bet to be concidered as a good call. Mostly no more than one bet per match - only best bet of the day. No rush and no panic on worse streak. Patience is super important thing in professional betting. I'm sure my experience and knowledge in long term always will give me the edge over bookmaker and deliver green colour.

Stake system: +75% bets 3/5 units - that will be my regular stake.
For some special information (injury/lack of motivation) stake could raise to 4 or 5 units.

Why did you choose  is a reliable and trustful platform to share bets. I can add and save my bets, have a fully verified history and be part of good tipster's team. Last but not least - I believe I'm able to bring new, high quality to the website and make some additional money from my bets.