Name: Alper Ersoy


Age: 21 years old.


Experience in sports betting: Don’t be fooled by my age. I have been in the betting industry for more than 8 years now. I started watching football before I was able to walk, and I was analyzing team forms and past matches from newsletters at the age of 13. This continued for years as I grew up and finally reached University. At that point, I found out that making money consistently from betting was an actual thing, but in order to do that one needed to predict the outcome of the matches better than the bookies. I started on investigating mathematical models and betting systems since then. In previous years my work extended to other sports like basketball and eSports. I worked for a website which provided odds for different football matches alongside the previews of those matches. I prepared 400-500 words previews for football matches and still continuing on doing it. I also work as an expert in Turkish Super League for a paid tipster service, reporting team news and advising tips from Super League to the main tipster.


Strategy: The first and most important element of my strategy is mathematics. Bookies and people make mistakes. My job starts whenever one of these happen. It doesn’t matter where the mistake came from, but it matters to find that mistake and take advantage of it. In order to find those mistakes, I base my picks on different mathematical models and calculate my own base odds for each game. After the odds are set, I pick candidate games which have value and note them down. Then I use more than 4-5 reliable sources for every sport I bet on to find every single information I can find about those particular candidate games. If the information I found supports the results my models have found, only then a candidate tip becomes a real betting tip for me. Usually, I try to bet on odds around 2.00 to stabilize variance up to some extent. Don’t forget that value often lies in all markets for a specific game. For example, if my model and research suggest that a team should have 1.20 odds against another team but the bookmaker gives 1.35, then surely there is value on that team winning that match with any Asian Handicap, so I try to tip the one which is closest to the odds 2.00.


Stake System: For a starting bankroll of 100 units, I usually bet 2 units on every tip I share. Occasionally, I can bet more or less percentage of my starting bankroll if I decide a pick has a rarely higher/lower value.


Why did you choose I wanted to share my work with a community that is highly professional and eager to win. Soon I found out that is the best place for this purpose. I loved the website’s honesty and professionalism alongside with the easiness they provide to the tipster. Being able to share my tip at the bookmaker I want is also good for the customer since makes sure that everyone will know where to find the best price for a pick. Also, blog is just amazing for discussion and periodic reviews and I look forward to interact with my followers from my blog.