Name: Janiš Laende

Age: 33 years old.

Experience in sports betting: I got hooked on sports betting in 2009 while I was working in a similar field. I learned the basics of betting and soon enough everything I needed to know about it, but lacked the experience and real knowledge of the teams I was betting on. In 2011 I found myself lucky to be part of a rising team in Estonian football, FC Infonet, and learned about what takes place inside a football club. During that period I also gained interest in other teams and players, and pretty soon found the key to beating bookies. In 2014 I quit my job and started to get professional in sports betting - the thing which turned out to be my real dream job. It was a rough start, but by now I can say it was the right choice. I shared my tips in Betrush, but lost motivation after one and a half years. In my relatively short career I have already experienced some serious downswings. So not to sugarcoat it, this will not gonna be all green all the months. But even though the bookies are getting smarter in Estonian football by year, I still feel I am at least two steps ahead.

Strategy: I am focused only on Estonian football which includes first three leagues, women´s league and cup competition, and men´s cup competition. Friendlies and European matches which include Estonian teams. National team competitions including different Estonian youth teams don´t have that big of an edge for me, though I try to take the maximum out of those as well. I see the value mainly in lineups and I rely on my experience and intuition about teams motivation, and capability to play against certain opponent in certain conditions. I prefer to bet on goal lines and asian handicaps, and play it rather safe at odds around 1.8-2.0. My goal is to keep consistent profit. quantity low and quality high. I choose my picks very carefully, so 5 to 8 picks per month is very usual. Because of that my startegy suits more to people who are able to place bigger bets and are insured in case of limits in Bet365.

Stake system: I am using the system from 1 unit to 2 units. 1 unit for bets which have obvious value and high possibility to win. 2 units when I have really really good feeling and/or information and the pick just can’t lose. (Basically never happens, but I keep my option open)

Why did you choose  I am not very selfish person, so making other people money, that just feels nice. And as it seems is currently and very possibly also in the future the best there is in that specific market. Also, I didn´t quit my day job for nothing, so why not to earn some money myself.