Name: Jack Butler


Age: 29 years old.


Experience in sports betting: First steps regarding choosing bets was long ago, 10-15 years probably,I talked with friends and we tried to make profit using our not big knowledge but that was good start. I started to watch games,live or TV,later net stream links. Read sports (football focused) magazines too. Few of them was more interesting, good players, great stadium atmosphere. I started then to read and watch about some interesting leagues , articles by sports journalist UK and some similar. Lower leagues seems profitable, then Premier level. Last years I recording some local games when team play at home.

Strategy: I am trying to be value-seeker and share picks before prices drop. Often we have situation where starting price is higher and value to use, not to wait market reaction and dropping,so I try to use that and post early bets sometimes. That is way we can get chance for more profit. 

Stake system: 1-2 stake system. 

Why did you choose I choose TP cos i love to tipping and sharing my picks with others. TP is best choice I think, marketing fact and good relations are reasons. is probably best service - confident and great future I am sure.