3 Things Not To Do When We Are Losing

As we all know, following a tipster can be very easy and very difficult. Of course, we all know when it's easy when the tipster makes a profit, and we do not worry about anything. It's hard when he's not in a good series and our emotions sometimes take precedence over us. Today we will give you 3 things that you do not have to do when your tipster is in a losing run.

1. Increase our bets - This is the biggest mistake people make, this mistake can cause very large losses. No matter what the win rate of our tipster is, based on all the tips he has given so far, we need to know that any tip he gives you have a chance to lose. Many people make this mistake, and after a few consecutive losses, they say there is no chance of losing, because the tipster that follow have a certain percentage of success and bet more than usual, a strategy that shows a lack of discipline and will lead to huge losses in the long run.

2. Making a radical change - Making a big change based on a draw down is the next thing that should not be done. The reason is very simple everyone knows that our tipster can and will enter a bad period ever, what we have to do is focus on whether his last tips were good or not, no matter the result he can give us good tips but they still lose, but if he gives us good tips with advantage over the bookmaker, we will be profitable in the long run.

3. Losing confidence in our tipster and our strategy - Bad times come and go, this is an inevitable part of the game, what we have to do is stay tight with our strategy, be disciplined and do not lose faith in our tipster. Our focus must be on the big picture and it is that we will be making money from our tipster in the long term, what we are now is temporary and it will pass away.

By limiting these 3 things, we will be able to improve our performance and be able to test our discipline. The difference between winning and losing players is that they control their emotions and are much more disciplined than others, if you do these three things, we guarantee that your discipline will be better than 85% of the sports betting players.