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A lot of people across the globe are passionate about sports betting and there is no doubt that everyone bets to win. No one wants a losing investment and this is not any different when it comes to sports betting. However, the chill wind most people face is having the right tips to make win. At TipstersPlace.com we take the hard work out giving you the right tips you would require to be a long term winner. Our major aim is to ensure that our clients are ever winners and with our services you don’t need to worry about long term winning.

Advantages of TipstersPlace.com

At TipstersPlace.com we are a combination of all you would to be successful in sports betting. We have professional and experienced personnel who work to ensure that all our clients’ highest expectations are met. We also have both free and paid services and regardless of what your financial plans are we can always accommodate you at our company. Moreover, we are dynamic and every day we strive to ensure that we put smiles on our clients faces.

Why people choose the TipstersPlace.com

Our good background and experience in the industry makes better placed at providing you with the best sports betting tips. We have a good history of having made many people long term winners and this is a variable that attracts many people towards our company.

  • We are a credible company
  • We are dynamic
  • We offer quality services

Devoted to

team achievement

  • 2013

    Found February 2013

    February 2013 TipstersPlace was born and since then we are working for our valued customers.

  • We Are Verified Since February 2013

    We have always sent our tips to independent verification sites to ensure our transparency.

  • 2015

    We got a tipster review in SBC (2015)

    3 years after we began verifying our tipsters we got our review by Secret Betting CLub on our horse racing tipster

  • Our tennis tipster got a reivew in SBC in 2017

    2 years after our first review we got our second in SBC issue 102

  • 2018

    We create our new website (2018)

    In 2018 we changed the vision of our site to keep up with the latest, now our site is faster and smarter than ever

  • We keep learning and growing

    One thing is for sure, we continue to try to be the best tipsters platform in the web. We know that the path to the top is long but we will continue working every day until we reach our ultimate goal.

Devoted to

League Team CRITERIA

We are a credible company
We are dynamic
We offer quality services

Different people have different preferences, and this is not any different in sports betting. At TipstersPlace.com we have made flexibility a heart of everything and regardless of your preferences, we will always have you sorted and added to the list of long-term winners.

At TipstersPlace.com we have smart tip stars who ensure that all our clients get outstanding tips to make them hit a home run every time they bet.

We value all our clients and our number one goal is to ensure that our services offer them maximum levels of convenience. Our website is very simple to use and every day we are buckling down to create a better functionality.

Our Testimonials

  • “TipsterPlace have experience in the market and they are honest. They are not scam like many website. You can trust them.”

  • “The 3 things I like: - The email alert before a tip is given. - The information’s and stats about tipsters. - The support team with good communication, information’s.”

  • “The 3 thinks I like: - Good stats on every tipster. - Clearly payment system with promotions. - Demetrio Giotti.”

  • “I like: -The quality of some tipsters. -You give 10% discount every few weeks. -The odds don’t change very fast when receive the pick.”

  • “Firstly, I would like to say that I am really happy with the service that you provide to your customers. Also I like all the stats, your nice look and all the promos you are making.”