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    Hey guys,

    This has been an interesting month.
    Due to site maintenance, international break and just a poor poor selection of matches falling all into one period of time, we are now facing a fact that I will not succeed in 5 picks per month plan. Anyhow, you will get at least one. Today.
    Also much worth noticing is the fact that we have 3 rounds to go in Estonian football before the season ends and then it's silence till January preseason games. The situation could be better, but it is what it is.
    I wish to all of us a successful remaining few weeks of this season and thank you for sticking.


  • August Review
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    I'll make this a short one. Stuff happens, can't help it. It's gonna be okay ;)

  • July Review
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    I didn't expect ever to start my month review with such words, but damn.. this was a shitty month. It is not usual for me to have a red month let alone 2 unit red month. It's easy to say now in retrospective that I really shouldn't have touched UEFA matches, which I know is not my strongest thing. But the truth is I didn't have much better spots to bet on either. Estonian leagues just got out of the long pause and it was tricky to find picks. Especially prematch. And it didn't help that everything I touched in livebet got royally screwed as well. So you can say I am in a bit of a downsing for sure.
    Anyhows, best way to move on is to just move on. You can quote me on that. ;)
    I am excited to make a solid green month out of August, so let's freakin do it.

    Thanks for sticking and goog luck.

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    Hey, guys. It has been a while. Really not liking the whole World Cup thingy in the middle of football season. But it's kinda over, so.. yay. :D
    Anywhom, Esiliiga started already today, but I will not make any picks yet. Hard to predict at the moment without lineups. There will be EL and CL matches coming as well, so no worries. I will not rush into anything. Just a little patience and we will be in green. That's the plan anyway. ;)

    Have a nice one.

  • May Review
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    The hell with last month, it was green. Okay? :) Let's talk about next month. So someone in Estonian Football Association thought it was a good idea to not play any upper league matches during the world cup. Just giving almost a month off so guys who get payed for playing football can sit back and watch the game... FOR A MONTH!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL...?? I don't see anyone closing down shops in supermarket to watch the world cup. You watch it when you have the time to watch it ffs. That also means of course that the season will be stretched longer than ususal, which means more games on ice. Nice!
    So anyway as this directly messes with my work, I am sadly announcing that I probably won't meet my usual 5 picks in June. I have literally one week to make the picks. I have my options, but last thing I wanna do is rush into something. I just want June to be green. If it would over just one pick, so be it. Thanks for your understanding and have a great World Cup.

  • April Review
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    Month that started out really nice ended just okay. There were lots of great matches, but the selection by bet365 was rather poor. So that's what we have to deal with right now. Summer should be better. Not that the numbers aren't good. They are. I just want to do better, that's all. :)
    So on we go.
    Have a nice weather, where ever you are and of course good freakin luck.


  • March Review
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    Really struggling to say something here. :) Everything goes as it should. Months are green, with occasional unlucky losses. Everything is same. I am getting bored. Let's try 18 winners in a row.
    International break is over, so I have more options.
    I see bet365 is offering already quite big variety of second league (fourth tier) matches. But I am not gonna pick them for you... yet. Gonna stay with my usual selection.
    Soo.. anyway.. I'll try to keep it green and stuff.
    Good luck.


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    I am certainly happy with the results of Estonian preseason. I actually did better than my expectations were set. Rare stuff. Now the real football begins and I hope to keep the green months coming. Thanks for the subscriptions and good luck. We might need it.

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    We are in the middle of preseason in Estonia. Let's try for at least similar profit in February.

    Good luck!


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    Hey guys. It’s about time. The preseason starts on 5th of January, so let me make a quick recap of the previous season and then some affirming words for the future as well.

    If I look back to my last season in TP, I must say, I don’t have any regrets or bad feelings for that matter. I had one main goal to achieve and that was to get 20% overall yield and I did it. This is very satisfying, so yeah.. self-five. Of course there were constant minor issues which made me not particularly happy after almost every month, but in general well played.

    If in 2016 I made pretty much all of my profit from women’s competitions then 2017 was vice versa. Women’s Meistriliiga looked unbeatable prematch. Tried my luck couple of times and then gave up. Good decision. Ended with -0,66 units in all Women’s competitions.
    But everything else went straight to the moon. Here are some numbers with expectations for the upcoming season

    Preseason friendlies +16,1% - this was my first try to beat preseason matches using only prematch market and during two months and a rocky start I am pretty much happy with the result. I expect January and February to be in the same range also this year.

    Meistriliiga +40,9% - wow.. just wow. This is beyond expectations. I made only 1,5 losing bets / 1 void out of 12 picks and I do not think this is something I can repeat this season. I would be more than happy with 20% yield at the end of 2018.

    Esiliiga +33,6% - 19 picks and again, very solid numbers and completely happy with the result as 2016 looked more of a disaster with -12%. I hope to see similar numbers also this season, but I would be okay with 20%.

    Esiliiga B +67,5% - Only 8 picks for the entire season, but can’t argue with the fine percentage there. In 2016 I had 9 picks overall and 15% yield. This seems to be the kind of a competition where I like to keep it rather safe and comfortable, so I expect about 30% yield on this season.

    All the men’s international competitions were overall in green also, but it was always tough choices. These are my weakest sides and if possible I try to avoid betting on them unless I just need to show some volume.

    So to wrap things up it has been a great year and I do not dare to imagine another similar. However I feel more confident than ever, so 25% seems doable and anything under 20% overall would be a small heart attack.

    For the ending some good guidelines:

    If you sign up for the 1 month plan, DO NOT subscribe in the middle of the month. Always in the beginning. Even if I make the first pick on 15th. I value quality over quantity, so if I have made 5 picks within the first ten days, in theory there could be a 30 day break till the next pick. I always write at least 5 picks per month, but probably not much more.

    Also, sign up for the Unit Plans. They make sense and are unfairly cheap. :)

    Good luck.